About us

Eko-smart is a progressive environmental company located in Central Slovakia. We operate the system of glass purchase and disposal.  Cooperation with our partnershelps uswork in the whole Slovakiaand our scope of activities includes the removal and transport of glass shards.

We mainly focus oncollection and recycling oflaminated glass, automotive glassincluding windshields,as well as wire glass,ditherm glass, various connex glass, coloured glass, safety glass,as well as clear shardsand other types of glass that haven´t been processed in Slovakia so far.

We aim to achieve thatglass, as secondary raw material of great importance, will be collected from the whole Slovakia for further processing, instead of being aimlessly stored in dumps.

Our goalis to build up a system of glass collection anddisposal in all regions and make these regions as accessible as possible for the producers of such waste. We care for the protection of environment and we´ll do our best to reduce dumping of secondary raw materials based on glass. We help the industry get rid of glass waste. We also help collection companies, importers and processors of old cars to meet the increasing limits of material recycling by the processing of old cars. For example by recycling an old windshield, which we do, we contribute to the increase of material recycling of the vehicle by about 1 %.

Our visionis toprovide collection, removal and recycling of glass in the whole Slovakia, with the help of ourcontractual partners, producers of glass waste, importers of glass and automotive glass, collection and transportation companies. The cooperation with partners from various regions helps us cover the area of the whole Slovak Republic.