Our services

Glass waste andglass waste removal

Our company collects glass waste from sites of its current occurrence. For the removal of the waste we use container vehiclesor vehicles designed for bulk material. The material must not contain any undesirable substances so that glass waste can be gatheredseparately from other waste on a reinforced or concreted surface. The removal and transportation of glass waste we accomplish after a telephone-order and arranging the date of the removal. If you have any glass waste, don´t hesitate to contact us for its removal and ecological disposal. 

Automotive glass disposal

We provide processors of old vehicles a higher percentage ofutilization of car wrecks. We help them to get rid of all glass waste from the processing of old cars, i.e. windows, headlights or other glass parts. The total glass weightin car wrecksis about 40 kg, which is 3% of the total car weight. Only the windshieldof a car weighs about 13 kg and contributes to the increase of utilization of the wreck by about 1%.

We help processors of old cars meet the limits of material processing of old cars by utilization of automotive glass. 

For windshield replacements centres

Eko-Smart provides services for service centreswhich carry out the change of automotive glass.

If you change glass on cars or trucks, we can dispose of your damaged waste glass ecologically. The glass must not contain any admixtures like oil, filters and other impurities in case you are a vehicle service.We can come to remove the glass or you can bring it directly to us.

For waste collection points/sites

As we are continuously trying to increase the availability of our services and to extend thefield of our activity,we offer our new partners- authorized operators of facilitiesfor collection of wastewith the licence for collection of glass waste- catalogue numbers of waste (in terms of the regulation of Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic No. 284/2001 Coll., which establishes the Waste catalogue) 15 01 07, 16 01 20, 17 02 02, 19 12 05, 20 01 02.

In case you are an operator of suchcollection points/sites and you would like to cooperate with us by the disposal of glass, contact us under our telephone numbers or addresses in the section kontakt.....