Automotive glass removal, recycling and disposal

Eko-Smartis introducing a full-area systemfor the collection, removal and disposal of automotive waste glass including windshields in Slovakia. There has virtually been no automotive glass recycling due to a missing device that would be able to process this type of glass. Automotive glass disposal was done by dumping.However, today we are able to process this type of glass as well and thus contribute to the protection of the environment. 

Automotive glass consists of two types ofbendable flat glass with a film for increased safety of the glass. The film prevents glass fragments from getting into the car and endangering the crew in case of being broken by an accident. The film is made of polyvinyl butyral,therefore we also call it a PVBfilm, heat-sealedbetween twopieces of the bendable flat glass.The PVBfilmis characterized by extreme hardness.

The current ways of automotive glass disposal in Slovakiadidn´t allow the separation of the PVB film from glass. Due to the absence of such processing linethere was virtually no recycling of windshields inSlovakia. 

Eko-Smartis building a system of collection and removal of automotive glass including windshields, side windows and heated rear glass windows. This process of disposalrepresents full recycling of automotive glass.

From the technical point of view, waste glass is put into the processing line through afeeder. Glass gets to devices by conveyors, in order to be gradually processed and to remove all undesirable substances.These undesirable elements are removed from shards physically and mechanically. Also the foil remains separated and nothing prevents shards from being processed into glass granulate. Glass granulate as the output material of material processing of glass is used as input material in glass industry and replaces so called glass sand. It is an important part of input materials which save the environment.It helps save energy in production, primary raw materials and saves the environment by reduction of dumping glass waste.